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LOUDER FEATURES: Ones to Watch in 2021

It's fair to say that last year was... more than a challenge for the music industry. However, a new year brings with it a clean slate, and a whole host of emerging musical talent that is set to rise from the ashes into glittering stardom. Here are some of or picks for the acts you should be keeping an eye on as we head into this new, brighter year. 2021, we're ready for ya...

All of our picks have been compiled into this handy playlist- listen along here:

Charlotte Claber, Editor In Chief:

With the ability to release on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music in a matter of days, music discovery has never been easier. Artists globally are at our fingertips and we can stream, listen to their whole catalogue and know a whole load of info by the end of the first album or EP. Found via a popular pop punk Facebook group, Jordan Adentuji immediately hit my radar, fusing rap over a pop-punk beat, his track 'Wokeup!' had a great energy that really was refreshing. Blossoming out of Belfast, the artist says the latest track is a hint of what's the come, the track pops off and Jordan's bars flow and hit the right spots, so personally I'm excited to hear even more.

The other artist I implore you to all listen to is Indighxst, sometimes some artists just aren't sad enough but my god do these guys get you right in the feels. Their beautiful post-hardcore blends with melancholy lyrics but it just feels right. 'Limbo' is atmospheric and lingering, a track with riffs that just makes sense; think Volumes and the releases that surrounded tracks like Finite, tracks that echoed for years due to their poignant nature. Senior Editor Charlotte Hardman also recently spoke to vocalist Wesley about the track and behind the lyrics; check that out here.

Charlotte Hardman, Senior Editor:

The underground music scene in Stoke-on-Trent is blossoming, and the charge is being led by talented young bands such as Clay Lake. It is a rare thing to find a band whose sound musicianship take them down a relatively unexplored avenue in the current musical landscape, but they are as close to unique as it is possible to be. Each of their songs are crafted pieces, which float between alt rock and math rock, with dynamic time signatures keeping the listener hooked along for the ride. They simply have to be heard to be believed- and to be instantly loved.

If it’s fire and passion you’re after, along with a healthy dose of rousing melodies, then look no further than Millie Manders and the Shut Up. Their debut album was unleashed upon the world at the tail end of last year, and it’s blend of punchy lyrics and infectiously danceable melodies made it an instant favourite amongst all facets of the punk umbrella. Their most recent single, ‘Panic’, is a derisive rallying cry that rails against climate change and environmental destruction- what more passion-filled a cause could you ask for to champion in the new year?

Featuring heavily in Louder’s coverage last year alongside Millie were London-based trio Jack and Sally. Their brand of infectious pop punk is what draws you in initially, but, as their latest single ‘Jerusalem’ demonstrates, there is far more depth to this band than their blink 182 homage moniker might suggest. Boasting big rolling drums and a heartfelt, soaring chorus, this is big music destined for some big stages – when it is safe to do so, that is! Bring on 2021!

Naomi Sanders, Deputy Editor:

Ever since their song, 'Don’t Stop The Devil', hit the airwaves and featured in TV shows, Dead Posey have been climbing up and up with their hard rock sound and style with their EPs, 'Freak Show' and 'Malfunction'. With a new album in the works currently, this duo have been talked about so much and so fondly amongst music fans and critics, and for good reason too; because along with 'Don’t Stop The Devil', their other songs like 'Freak Show', 'Bogeyman', 'Holy Roller', 'Parasite', and 'Head of a Snake' are also fantastically written and brilliant jams to play constantly, whatever your mood. Consisting of musicians TONY F. and DANYELL SOUZA, the duo make leaps and bounds with their pounding melodies and intriguing lyrics, so their debut full length album will be one to watch once it’s released. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for it - it’s gonna be worth the wait!

Sadie Maude, Writer:

My band to watch in 2021 is nothing, nowhere. They’re an alt rock band that have really been making their mark in the scene over 2020, from collaborating with KennyHoopla to announcing their UK support tour with pop-punk legends Neck Deep in 2021 (assuming all goes to plan!). A tour like this will really help raise awareness about them and working alongside legends like Neck Deep won’t harm them! With a new album due to be released in February 2021, nothing, nowhere. are definitely ones to watch out for!

Nathan Lagden, Writer:

Rising from the ashes of mathcore stalwarts Iwrestledabearonce, husband and wife combo Courtney LaPlante (vocals) and Mike Stringer (guitars) formed Spiritbox along with Bill Crook (bass) enjoyed some quiet success with their eponymous 2017 EP and a slew of singles. However, last year the Midsommar-inspired video for their single 'Holy Roller' went viral, attracting more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, along with a great deal of critical acclaim. Even at this early stage of their existence, Spiritbox have shown the same propensity for mixing genres as Iwrestledabearonce only this time focussing more on developing a post-metalcore sound which emphasizes screams and clean vocals in equal measure. Spiritbox are planning an album release for 2021 and if what we've heard so far is anything to to go by, we can expect something big!

Simone Barton, Writer:

WARGASM have everything that has been trending in alt rock and metal: soft, fairy-like vocals, similar to Poppy; and distorted industrial instrumentals, seen a lot in trap metal. With these elements, a modern British punk vibe, and a strong female front, I can almost guarantee that 2021 is going to be the year the duo, Milkie Way and Sam Matlock, are going to explode!

Who are your picks for the artists who are going to make it big in 2021? Let us know in the comments or on social media!