• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER FEATURES: Songs you should be listening to, right now!

VIAL - Roadkill

If you want to feel like a badass, this is the song. Introduced to it by Ashrita Kumar, vocalist of the fabulous Pinkshift's, DIY Fem, Queer, & POC in Punk/Rock/Indie playlist (which can be found here), Roadkill is the sassy bop with a funky bassline that you didn’t know you needed but you definitely do. It’s shouting loud and clearly about the abuse women and non-binary people feel in the music industry, through the exploitation and inherent tokenism. Don’t get on the wrong side of this group because they WILL hit you with their car (and it’ll be deserved).

In The Mourning - At What Cost

Kicking in with harmonies that remind you of when Glee attempted to cover Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are”, In The Mourning are a beautiful blend of noughties early pop-punk. With an essence of early Avril Lavigne, it’s the track that you need for summer. With an easy sing along chorus and superb production, the track looks at unhealthy relationships and the cost of loving someone. Is it a breakup anthem? Quite possibly! Whatever you see this song as, spin it loud because these are a band to watch!

Defences - Say It

A heavy metalcore anthem, Say It is about ignoring the naysayers and everyone in life that tries to bring you down. The Hertfordshire metallers are on fire right now with hit after hit and Say It is no different. The rage rings through in the riffs and melodic harmonies that are produced from vocalists Cherry Duesbury and William Alex Young.


London based duo CRASHFACE are on fire right now, their ‘Heavy Infectious’ EP does exactly what it says on the tin, catchy hooks and infectious lyrics. You’re roped in to a band that have influences from Bring Me The Horizon to Wargasm and beyond, creating their twist of a raucous blend of punk and pop, it’s got elements all over that pop for different reasons.

WALWIN - Save It For Myself

This is Emo. WALWIN brings you nostalgic emo in it’s best form and if this is a sign of what’s to come; WALWIN should be at the top of your playlists. With a hint of pop-punk and a dash of Blink-182 inspiration (think: Feeling This) the single deserves to be blasted on top volume as you dance around your room and enjoy the lyrics. The mastermind even directed and produced his own video, an all round creative that deserves the respect.