• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER FEATURES: Songs you should be listening to, right now!(pt.2)

nightlife - new low

From first play you'd expect nightlife to be a band that are already out playing large rooms worldwide but they're new, fresh faced and ready to switch things up. The Baltimore based neo soul trio have served and delivered a spectacular three track EP that blends the classic tones of Stevie Wonder with the modern sensibilities and harmonies of bands like Bring Me The Horizon. The new low EP is refreshing and captivating and should not be missed. nightlife ooze attitude and sentiment in the same breathe and even feature a stellar cover of Rob Thomas' Lonely No More. A must listen for fans of Issues who are missing their funk touch in a sometimes overpopulated metalcore scene.

Angel Number - May The Beauty Burn

Who are Angel Number? The mysterious collective are a synth-driven melodic dream and their first release 'May The Beauty Burn' is fascinating and haunting in the same breathe. Taking what could easily fall into similar realms as bands like Casey but with a hint of indie-pop, this comes off as a love child from bands that exist in the same breath as The 1975. It's genre-bending and elusive and was released on streaming with a B-Side. A cinematic piece that transcends, Angel Number will be capturing attention very quickly. Commenting on the release Angel Number said "“May The Beauty Burn“ is the first of “The Seven Acts of Mercy”. A deep dive into forgiveness & generational hurt. With love, Angel Number"

The Muslims - Fuck The Fascists

I'm not sure what can be said that does a political and riotous band like The Muslims any justice. It's loud, fierce and passionate, everything we need in 2021. They aren't afraid to be ear-splitting and this song will make you miss every instance of a mosh pit. Look up the definition of punk and you'll find links to their discography; it's anti-establishment and takes Epitaph records right back to it's original signings way back in the nineties!

North Atlas - Midnight Sun

North Atlas are the band to watch if you wanted Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro to front a band that had the electronic melodies of a modern Bring Me The Horizon. They're immersive and raw, a rural sound that is reflective of their home of Solway Firth in Scotland. It's arena-rock ready and with the help of producer Dan Weller they've created a blended and well-rounded sound that is ready to be blasted at full volume in any situation. From dark rooms to driving in cars, let this be the soundtrack to your day as it'll have you head banging in no time!