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Louder Features: Top 10 Acoustic Pop Punk Tracks

Ahead of the release of State Champs' upcoming 'Unplugged EP', we decided to celebrate the pop-punk kings in style with our top ten favourite acoustic pop punk tracks!

In such a confusing and unprecedented time, looking back at something like this almost brings a sense of comfort. Regardless, it’s a great way of gearing up for an exciting new release!

10. 21 Questions – Waterparks

Kicking off the list is '21 Questions'. Acoustic songs aren’t typically associated with being cathartic but I think this one is definitely the exception to the rule. It’s a song about feeling uncertain in a relationship and questioning whether or not you partner is in it whole-heartedly, and the way that Awsten expresses this in the lyrics is completely relatable for a lot of people. The catchy, powerful chorus makes it difficult to resist singing along, this song just had to make the list!

9. Memory (Acoustic Version) – Sugarcult

Releasing an acoustic version of a song can sometimes be risky business, especially in the pop punk/rock genres. Toning down such energetic, powerful, fun songs sometimes means the acoustic version doesn’t quite hit the spot. HOWEVER…I think the acoustic version of “Memory” goes above and beyond the original (sorry if you disagree…). It hits the same spot that the original does, but with a whole new layer of emotion attached to it, it is an acoustic triumph!

8. Pâquerette (Without Me) – With Confidence

This song is a top tier breakup song. It isn’t cathartic, or ranty, instead it radiates positivity. It is about wishing your ex the best in their new relationship and not holding grudges, which is something that is really refreshing to hear. As if this wasn’t enough, the music video is one of the most heart-warming videos I have ever seen, so if you haven’t already, you definitely need to give it a watch. Oh and also…when I saw this song performed live, Jayden wore a flower crown and if that isn’t the perfect aesthetic for this song then I don’t know what is!

7. Forever Yours – Grayscale

One of my favourite things about acoustic songs is the simplicity of the music. This song is the perfect embodiment of such a thing yet it is powerful on so many levels. The vocals are absolutely jam packed with emotion making it even more poignant. This is the kind of song that you can’t just have a casual sing-along to, instead you’ve got to put your full heart and soul in to it. This is the only way to do it justice and this is not up for debate…

6. Homesick – A Day To Remember

Now, I know that “A Day To Remember” aren’t strictly a pop punk band BUT this song just had the be included in the piece! With it being a slowed down version of the original, it really showcases Jeremy’s vocals and offers a completely different outlook on the song. Its almost refreshing to hear a sound like this from ADTR especially since so much of their music is quite full-on and fast paced, this track is a welcomed breath of fresh air!

5. Clairvoyant – The Story So Far

If you need a song to hit you right in the feels then this is the one. This is the kind of song that you need to have on full blast while you stare meaningfully out of a car window! The raw emotion is evident in the vocals and with lyrics like “Don’t paint me black when I used to be golden…” this song is sure to tug on your heartstrings.

4. A Part of Me – Neck Deep ft. Laura Whiteside

I really can’t think of anything I dislike about this song, it has to be one of my favourite “Neck Deep” tracks. Ben Barlow’s distinctive voice is just so gripping and the addition of Laura Whiteside just adds a whole new dimension to the song. It is also refreshing to hear his reason for loving the girl not being related to looks/appearance. Instead, it was because is “smart, headstrong and independent” and this just makes me fall in love with the song even more.

3. Somewhere In Neverland – All Time Low

“All Time Low” are no amateurs in the music industry at this point, and their material is still going strong. As I mentioned earlier, it can be hard for a band to release an acoustic version of a song and for it to have the same impact as the original. However, I think an acoustic version worked perfectly in this case. It is such an already poignant song that slowing it down really placed an emphasis on the lyrics and just gave it a whole new level of meaning. The concept of growing up is quite an emotion topic in itself but combined with Alex’s soft vocals and the soothing musicality makes for an incredible listen!

2. Stick Around – State Champs

Of course, the pop punk kings themselves had to make the list! Yet again, this song meets and exceeds all expectations. It perfectly highlights a side of Derek’s vocals that we don’t typically get to hear, making this track even more special. If anything, listening to this just adds to the excitement and anticipation in the build up to the “Unplugged EP” release. Roll on the 14th August…

1. I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting – Broadside

This song just had to take the top position! From the delicacy of the vocals to the brightness of the ukulele, this is the perfect summer acoustic song. The lyrics are touching and the vibe is endlessly positive, “Broadside” really smashed it out of the park with this one. As if the song wasn’t great enough on its own, the music video is fun, light-hearted and makes you feel equally as good as the song itself. This track is an all around success!

Now that you're raring for some more acoustic pop punk action, why not check out State Champs' acoustic 'Unplugged' EP, out this Friday via Pure Noise Records:

Check out the video for the latest single from the EP, '10am', below:


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