• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER FEATURES: Why Loathe's 'The Things We Believe' is everything we need and more in 2021.

Loathe’s sophomore album 'I Let It In and It Took Everything' was quickly claimed as 2020’s album of the year; a roaring masterpiece that saw the band refine their sound and produce a spectacular album with shoegaze influences, often referred to as a “Deftones inspired” masterpiece. Then they dropped the instrumental to allow fans to really bask in their technicalities - what more could fans and followers want/expect from a band? But they weren’t done there! To celebrate and honour the one year anniversary, the band extended the ILIIAITE universe and gave us a dose of ambience in the form of 'The Things We Believe'.

An album full of cinematic sounds and euphoric gravity, they dodge assumptions of their pre-existing genre and deliver something totally unexpected, but definitely needed. After such a busy and noisy 2020, there’s hope for change in 2021 and TTWB is the soundtrack for those moments. A bit more peaceful than the year before, things are expected to be just that little bit calmer this year and the album comes as a bold but successful statement to unintentionally echo that. It’s ambitious but not overstepping any lines, and that is what makes it such a perfect record to listen to, think to, sleep to, and so much more. It’s the soundtrack to life and, following this, Loathe are the band you’d want to hear soundtrack a film one day. The one thing ultimately missing is vocalist Kadeem France’s tones, but, for a moment, it can be forgiven!

The Liverpool quintet are breaking down the walls of genre and showing that nothing needs to define them or their sound: this isn’t just a metal band. This is a progressive band who have so much more to show us, and, slowly, they’re showing us what’s up their sleeve.

'I Let It In and It Took Everything' is out now - stream the record here:


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