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LOUDER LIVE: Bowling For Soup at Brixton Academy

Bouncing onto stage with bundles of energy come Not Ur Girlfrenz, aged 13 to 15 it’s easy to make any gig-goer feel old but the talent they exude is impressive. Flying through a quick paced set including their tracks Song About You and Somehow the band even managed to squeeze in a cover of I’m Not Okay and Wannabe earning them some much respect. The trio have a large sound for some tiny teens but that’s not to be underestimated, the passion is obvious and Not Ur Girlfrenz certainly made a lasting impression.

Simple Plan storm onto stage with a new level of liveliness, hard to rival. The band play a fast paced rollercoaster of a set that features classics including crowd pleaser Welcome To My Life all the way through to their latest single Where I Belong, a track that celebrated the bands last US tour with fellow pop-punk legends We The Kings and State Champs. Their impact can be felt in the room with much excitement gearing fans up for what they came for.

If you’re going to see Bowling For Soup in a room like Brixton, it’s not just because there may be a hint of nostalgia, it’s because you’re a true fan and that’s what the room was full of; a core fanbase that know the words to every song, most the ad libs and in what moments Rob is going to do the jumps that make up for the rest of the bands efforts. Flying from hit to hit the band play through a classic setlist, sing-a-longs ensued and choruses echoed around the show with jokes about third times a charm for finally selling out the venue. Slowly though, there’s a tiredness to their humour, retelling of the same phallic jokes cue toilet breaks for many and bartrips for more. The set picks back up again with the entrance of a couple to the centre stage, queue lovey-dovey moment and a proposal from the wife-to-be and lucky yes on a day as iconic as Valentines Day the set quickly moves on. A shame to notice the room slightly thinning at the back but not long until the choruses follow with the big hits kicking in with Girl All The Bad Guys Want. Many people’s favourite trivia fact also being that the band recorded the theme tune for Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, aptly named Today Is Going To Be A Great Day a song that traverses the duos adventures in many forms. Coming to a close with Punk Rock 101 the band tie up the loose ends make their final puns, but alas there’s more a quick encore with their twist on SR-71’s 1985, a track that really had it’s full potential shown when Soup jumped on the cover.