• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER LIVE: Cory Wells and Luke Rainsford

St Pancras Old Church is full of secrets and a pure history but upon this night two captivating young talents take the main focus. Singer-songwriter Cory Wells takes primary focus in tonight's spotlight. A talent with ferocious emotions, Cory Wells has had a stellar career in music from the mighty vocals of metal and beyond but the latest venture strips all this back and lets his best instrument shine. Alongside him and opening the show comes Luke Rainsford, an artist whose music holds beauty in its simplicity but it’s powerful lyricism.

Opening his set with I’m Bored of Being Heartbroken, Luke Rainsford stands alone; centre stage showing his all. Following this he welcomes guitarist and close friend Ben Foxhall on stage to assist with an added depth for the rest of the songs. As an artist Luke’s emotions prevail in his music, balancing heartache and loss; he’s an artist that’ll have you reaching for the tissues. However, his passion is evident and with his set moving on to Looking For Your Ghost, Sweet Briar, Frame and more. A set filled with some of Rainsford’s best (though fans keep asking for more) it is his latest track In Spite of All My Worry that really warms the room an aching love song that ponders many emotions it becomes a moment of thought for many.

Cory Wells takes centre stage for the main performance of the evening, opening with the first track of his latest album, Distant embraces the crowd and hears singing echo throughout the church. Shortly onto Keiko, heartstrings are pulled throughout the track, as an artist the emotion is held within Cory’s voice; creating a powerful wave of warmth. A setlist that doesn't let up on any emotions, Cory and guitarist power through a set creating a welcomed presence with Wildfire, Avoid The Blame. Between songs Cory discusses some themes of the music, including his fiance’s head trauma whilst watching one of his earlier bands and her unfortunate loss of a child, an experience that has brought the couple closer together in their relationship but also has allowed Cory to express his battles through a new medium. The tempestuous evening of tears and laughter draws to a close with ‘Walk Away’ a near perfect close to a short but sweet set, Cory's vocals of the last line rings out around the church. Promising to meet every fan that's attended, Cory Wells shows his true admiration for his supporters and his return to the UK has been welcomed widely.