• Simone Barton

LOUDER LIVE: Fever 333 'Wrong Generation' Virtual Demonstration

I’ll be the first admit that I was on the fence about livestreamed gigs. Whilst on one hand they are necessary to sustain the artists we love, on the other part of what makes gigs so special is the atmosphere and the crowds. Fever 333 destroyed any and all doubts with their Wrong Generation virtual tour. With several shows planned out to cover different time-zones, the band gave their fans exclusive performances, with their own different set lists.

Coinciding with the release date of their new EP Wrong Generation the virtual shows began on 23rd October with the UK/EU time zone. Matching the political and social themes in the EP the livestreams have been dubbed as virtual demonstrations, which lived up to the insane energy and powerful messages carried throughout the gig. The set list consisted of many of the new tracks on the EP including Bite Back, Supremacy, and title track Wrong Generation. Bite Back was a crowd favourite, judging from how crazy the live chat went, with the hypnotically ruthless riffs by guitarist Stephen Harrison.

It would be no surprise to some that Fever 333 put on a passionate and punchy performance. Whether you were lucky enough to see them live and in person pre-pandemic or if you attended their Long Live the Innocent virtual event earlier in the year, you will know Fever 333 never fail to put on a memorable show. The Wrong Generation show was no different, with all members of the band putting on animated performances, despite not being in front of an in person crowd. Made in America was one of the standout performances, with Aric Improta crushing on the drums; which is also a benefit of a virtual set up, you can actually see the drummer. The track also gave vocalist Jason Aalon Butler the opportunity to flex his brutal vocals.

Although only an hour long set, Fever 333 beautifully put on a show that was not only important, and thought provoking but also wildly entertaining. It takes a special kind of band to be able to hold the attention of an audience through a screen, whilst also promoting equality and social change.

Catch a glimpse of the LA virtual show below: