• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER LIVE: Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Stream

Photo Credit: Jason Walton

Having previously reported on an ICE NINE KILLS show, you would expect the same beat points, even if done online. A few costume changes, some old mixed with the new; some would say that if you’ve seen one INK show, you’ve seen them all. Even so, The Silver Stream was created to commemorate their Worcester, MA show from last year, and heard on their live album, 'I Heard They Kill LIVE!!!'. Even with treating fans to horror legend, Bill Moseley’s creepy introduction, was there new things that the band could bring to the table now it was done online?

Half-and-half would be best to describe it. The setlist is changed up a little, with even the band’s early hit, 'The Quickest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage', getting it’s time to shine on stage, but aside from that and changing the order of the setlist, it could almost be the same as the previous show that we covered on this site back in September 2019 in Bristol. Albeit all well done, but the costumes, acting, bit-parts, even with the clowns and adding Mickey to their song 'IT Is The End' due to the ban from Disney World in 2019.

The real strength of the livestream came in the moments with Moseley and the rest of the band, creating a narrative around the stream in honour of the classic horror films, with each member getting bumped off during the Zoom call. It helps break up the live footage and gives a new twist on the livestream shows that we have seen recently by trying to do something new with them. It at least gives some variety to what people expect and, although a little hokey, keeps in the camp spirit of classic 80s horror movies. In keeping with that, the actual performance of these songs are all really well done and shows the band has a passion for the music they create. They put a lot of thought into what they wanted to present in their liveshows and obviously wanted to make it feel like a horror production you would see in the West End or on Broadway.

Overall, it’s a nice treat for fans, especially to those who have not seen the band perform live before. But if you’ve seen them before, it will mostly be a repeat of what you saw then. Sure, songs like 'Your Number’s Up' are great additions to the setlist, and the theatrical elements of the band’s stage with other actors and the costumes are all very well done, but again, it’s almost the same as their recent shows, down to the beat points. It’s still a fantastic show and a unique way to live-streaming shows in these recent, weird times, but only worth the watch if you don’t know what to expect. At the end of the day, the mask has to come off to show the person underneath.

Ice Nine Kills' live album, 'I Heard They KILL Live!!' is out now - stream the record here:

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