• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER LIVE: MUNRO + System Degenerate at The Exchange, Bristol - 08.11.2021

Photos: Spencer Gilmour

Goth and metal subcultures, whilst different in their exterior, overlap in a lot of ways, especially in their music. Sounds, instruments, lyrical themes; the two have a lot more in common than they would like to admit. One such band that plays on that overlap is Belfast’s MUNRO, delivering their electric progressive metal sound onto the Bristol scene, a perfect fit for a city with strong alternative sounds. So, does the band manage to both fit into the city and stand out to deliver their style on goth and metal?

Firstly, Bristol’s own SYSTEM DEGENERATE arrived on the stage. Delivering on their industrial sound and dystopian lyrics, the band were a great start to the night, livening up the room with their dark, electronic sound. Despite being physically masked, the duo gave it their all in their talent and emotion in both their vocals and guitar playing.

However, a major issue with the set was that the songs continued immediately one right after the other. It wasn’t until the end of the set where the music stopped, meaning there was no chance for any songs to breathe and sink in with the listeners. The more they play, the more they’ll be able to do so, but for this night, it really needed the space for the audience to revel in each song.

Photos: Spencer Gilmour

Then, the main band of the night, Munro, jumped on to perform. From songs like 'Matricide' to classics like 'From Where I’m Standing', there was a full range of their sound and discography on display. Even newer songs, like 'Demonic Headcase' and 'Syndicate' got their own moment to shine within the audience. Crowd-pleasers like 'To Villains', 'Pursuer', and 'Anonymonsters' got everyone off their feet to jump to the beats that the band spat out. Finishing the set with covers of 'E-Girls Are Ruining My Life', 'Owo You’re So Warm', and '7 Strings', (the former as an e-girl medley. and the latter a cover of Ariana Grande’s '7 Rings') completed an excellently well-structured setlist performed by talented and charismatic musicians.

Photos: Spencer Gilmore

Overall, the music of this night was captivating, thrilling, and certainly hard-rocking! Both acts performed extremely well and brought an unforgettable night of gothic electronic metal for everyone to enjoy. They’re both unforgettable and vibrant in the metal community with sounds that all should hear. Don’t miss out on these bands when they come by your city!

MUNRO are currently touring the UK - dates are below and any remaining tickets are available here:

MUNRO's new single, 'Demonic Headcase' is out now - check out the video below or stream the track here: