• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER LIVE: Slipknot at The O2, London, 25/01/2020

Promotional photo courtesy of Roadrunner Records

It’s not often maggots get to descend on one of London’s most famous venues, but when it does, it is truly a sight to behold. Many people from all walks of life, young and old, local and international, descended this cold January evening for one reason and one reason only: to witness one of the greatest metal bands in existence. True, Slipknot has had their ups and downs over the years, whether it’s the variety of their albums or the ever-changing lineup, but there’s a strong consistency that the band have maintained throughout their 20-year run. And on this date at The O2 in London, one of the biggest stages a band could play, could this band show their strength still?

From their performance that night, all that and a bag of chips! A varied setlist coupled with the energy from all the members, it feels as if nothing has changed in their 20 years of activity. Sid Wilson, when not behind the deck, is constantly moving and keeping up with all the energy in each song. Both Shawn Carter and Tortilla Man are practically going bananas on their drum apparatus and even the additional screams from the unknown member is a fantastic edition. But what really shines is Corey Taylor and how he is still able to control the crowd to his will. His vocals are still strong on both songs from We Are Not Your Kind, the band’s latest release, and songs from their self-titled debut, and it feels like they’re fresh and alive in every lyric sung and note played. Even during the moments between songs, speaking with the audience naturally and not forcing anything that they didn’t want to do. It felt very communal, as a gig should be. If there were any negative points to be added, it’s that the setlist had a few large gaps in them that left the show feeling bare without them. No songs from The Gray Chapter were featured at all in the show; it may be the least well-received album, but not even one song like “The Devil & I” left it incomplete. In addition, or lack of, “Spit It Out” was also left out, so one of the most iconic moments of a Slipknot show, the “Jump The Fuck Up” didn’t happen! 

But even with those negative points, Slipknot truly delivered an unforgettable show that pleased both old fans and new. It was a monster of a show and enjoyable from beginning to end. For skeptical music fans who have yet to give one of their shows a try, you would not be disappointed. Everything sounds great live as it does on record and there is enough to see that you would be clambering your way to make sure you can see it all. If the band comes by town, do not skip out!

We Are Not Your Kind is OUT NOW!