• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER LIVE(sorta): Suicide Silence

Suicide Silence hail all the way from California and during a global pandemic, that’s where they’ll stay. Sort of. The band get together in one sound stage for a whole load of tour dates: globally. Geo-located for the fans destination means exclusive content and exclusive set lists with access to merch only for this special moment.

The band tore through hits from across the catalogue, furious moments encapsulated on one screen. From debut album The Cleansing all the way through to latest album Become The Hunter, Suicide Silence show their bold and fiery nature. Though no live stream is a stream without technical issues which meant missing key moments, mainly comedic sketches but hey when sat at home, all those breaks are a nice change of pace. Representing metal at it’s finest, Suicide Silence step up and show no fear, powering through a powerful set the band face each other and put on a set like no other. This is the first opportunity for many to witness new tracks like Meltdown and Two Steps live and the album openers with their fierce attitude don’t disappoint. Crushing riffs and fiery gutturals roar from laptop speakers creating a ferocity that’s unexperienced during a pandemic like this. High octane riffs all around, the set has a new energy bouncing into infamous You Only Live Once, there’s something ethereal about this moment, a twist on the original classic feels like the band and Eddie have made this track their own all over again. These moments will stand as a classic, a reflection and a talking point of a moment in time and how the scene adapted and Suicide Silence really stood up and represented.

Over an hour of music, laughs and head bangs take a short break to return to an exclusive Q&A with the band who talk with fans about their loved venues, why they chose to do this and what they see for them next. Breaking down the fourth wall the band let down a barrier and show true positivity and honesty when talking and even admit they’re a sucker for a quick stop at Tortilla (sorry Chipotle!).