• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER LIVE: Static Dress and Supports

Stripping live music back and taking in to a bands potentially most vulnerable space, the practice room can always be an interesting challenge but it was one embraced by Static Dress, The Well Runs Red and Wargasm. Representing a strong British DIY scene, the bands all take it back to basics and show the passion in their individual performances and support for their peers.

Opening the show, Wargasm step to the stage, the room is ready to embrace their punk infused nu-metal anthems and it is clear why they are tipped as a band to watch in 2020. With only two tracks released the band bring chaotic energy centre stage, thriving off a crowd who are giving the same vivacity. With tracks like God of War and Post Modern Rhapsody creating an eruption in the crowd, the visceral dynamic between front figures Milkie Way and Sam Matlock creates a magnetising effect.

Following up from an energetic performance like that is a difficult shoe to fill and though the room slightly thinned The Well Runs Red brought trap beats with an infusion of metalcore and a bucket load of enthusiasm for the work he produces. With ethereal backing and solid screams, tracks like Machete pull the room back in and receive praise. With two full albums released the artist has much to choose from and the set brought highs and lows whilst demonstrating the best of his talents. A change of pace but a strong bridge between the openers and what’s to come, the act with support from DJ Jacky P, ties up a short set that demonstrates his talent as a producer and writer. Taking DIY back to its root The Well Runs Red shows the passion and work an artist needs to put in to produce a successful set.

Rounding up the night brings Static Dress a dynamic group that thrive off each other and produce tracks that are quickly pushing to the front of the underground scene. The band create a raw energy in the room that quickly has the crowd climbing over each other for mic grabs and pits. With only two full length tracks released the band have a buzz and a passion that is truly refreshing. Their enigmatic personas shine; they’re full of personality throughout the rollercoaster of a set. With Adaptive Taste setting the tone, crowd riled up, the acerbic vocals cut through the crowd noise and it’s the tone down and step towards final track Clean that really has the crowd causing chaos. The disarray in the room in that moment felt natural, a band who showed their technical ability and musicianship; Static Dress are destined to do well as a collective. With the band already having supported Creeper and joining Counterparts on their next UK tour and following that into Europe with Holding Absence, the band are making all the right moves in the scene, there’s no putting the brakes on this project any time soon.