• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: All Ears Avow release new single 'Something's Gone Wrong'

Groovy rock masterminds All Ears Avow have just released their new single, 'Something's Gone Wrong', bringing their colourful, bouncing rock swagger to illuminate these darkest of times.

Sporting a chunky bassline that rumbles and grinds with an effortless groove, the raucously funky chorus of guitars come piling in like the fashionably late guests to the party, bringing with them musical structures that carry poppier sensibilities without feeling saccharine. Delicate vocals in the verses float with a gentle grace, with lyrics borne from feelings of intense panic and confusion that feel wholly cathartic in the current climate, which then plunges headlong into the fist-pumping pop-rock chorus that leaves you to dance your troubles away! If any track is the perfect stop gap until you can be back on the dance floor belting out your favourite bangers, this is it!

Check out the video for 'Something's Gone Wrong' below:

All Ears Avow's latest Ep, 'Skin and Bones' is out now as a self release.

Check out the video for their previous single, 'Pressure', below:


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