• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: All Ears Avow unveil their new single 'Be That Nothing'

In a year where we all need a bit of joy to brighten up the dreary days, there is no band more fit for the job than Wiltshire alt-rockers All Ears Avow. The band have a significant talent for combining infectiously danceable rhythms with introspective, heartfelt lyricism, and their new single 'Be That Nothing' is another excellent extension of that hallmark.

The poppy melody drips with a coating of lighthearted funk, headlined by a guitar tone that has all the summer hand-waving vibes of Sam Fender or Gerry Cinnamon. Vocally too, guitarist and vocalist Claire Sutton is simply stunning, conveying the lyrics, which themselves are darker in tone than the instrumentation might suggest, with a soaring power. This dichotomy of contrasting moments of light and shade is something All ears Avow are masters at creating - and, goodness knows, the ability to find joy within the darkness is certainly something we all need after the year we have endured!

Speaking about the track, vocalist Claire amplifies these assumptions about the track's sense of duality. She said: "Written during the first lockdown, ‘Be That Nothing’ discusses the grim reality we were all made to endure, yet it’s also a celebration of how we all had to seek new ways to find excitement and get that release of stress, within the limitations of the pandemic. Many of us found out things about ourselves we never knew, and were forced to face them.”

Beware though - listening to this track in public may cause an irrepressible urge to boogie, which may get you some strange looks! You have been warned!

Check out the video for 'Be That Nothing' for yourself - if you dare! - below:

Or, stream the track on Spotify here too:


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