• Charlotte Hardman

Louder News: All Time Low release new single 'Some Kind of Disaster'

After harkening back to their past glories with a re-recording of their seminal album ‘Nothing Personal’, in celebration of its ten-year anniversary last November, Baltimore pop-rockers All Time Low are once more setting their sights firmly on the future, with the release of their first new single in over a year.

The track, ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ follows a period of downtime for the quartet, which, while it cannot be classified fully as a hiatus, (punctuated as it was with recent standalone singles ‘Birthday’ and ‘Everything’s Fine’, and a headline appearance at last year’s Slam Dunk Festival), was a period of ‘growing… some soul searching, some healing’, according to frontman Alex Gaskarth.

Now, however, Alex claims the band are ‘back and ready to be all yours again, our battle scars worn proudly, and our hair looking better than ever.’ Accompanying this revival is the uplifting, jam-packed pop delight that is ‘Some Kind of Disaster’. Continuing the band’s long-held tradition of pairing swooping hooks with catchy choruses and ear-worm inducing pop structures, musically, the track is blooming with effervescent, summery charm. Lyrically, however, the band have raised some intrinsic questions that plague many of us during periods of reflection in our lives- questioning who we truly are, evaluating our contribution to the lives of those around us, and ruminating over how those who meet us truly perceive us. The accompanying music video draws on these ideas, with frontman Alex confronting a cast of characters, all of whom embody parts of his own self-identity, with which he is attempting to make peace. And of course, there are some performance shots of pummelling drums and swinging guitars- their pop punk sensibilities are still alive and well too!

Check out the video for ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ below:

All Time Low are playing three sold-out, intimate shows at the end of the month- dates can be found below:


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