• Courtney Peterson

Louder News: Black Veil Brides' New Era Begins with New Tracks and Bassist

Love them or loathe them, Hollywood-based Black Veil Brides have re-emerged with new bassist Lonny Eagleton, a new logo and two new songs, 'Saints of the Blood' and 'The Vengeance'. Released without prior announcement on Sumerian Records as a short EP called The Night, this material is their first new music since their fifth full-length album Vale was released almost two years ago.

A few weeks after it was officially announced that former bassist Ashley Purdy has left the band due to personal issues, fans welcomed Lonny Eagleton as BVB's newest member. Many of them have recognised Lonny as a recent member of lead singer Andy Biersack's touring band for his solo project, Andy Black. He was also a long-time fan of the band prior to this, and included in his announcement that he was joining on Twitter that he 'used to fantasize about playing in this band'. The face paint, though lighter than it was during the eras of their first two albums We Stitch These Wounds and Set The World On Fire, continues to follow a general pattern for each member of the band, and it seems that Lonny already has his own style of war paint worked out!

It's not just the war paint that reminds us of the earlier years, though. The Night sounds much like the aforementioned early albums but with a more mature and refined sound. The songs were produced by guitarist Jake Pitts, who has produced for a lot of bands in the last few years (including Aelonia, a metalcore project he started with his wife, Inna). This seems to have given the band a lot more creative freedom than they had with John Feldmann who produced the third and fifth records, and is known for encouraging a poppier edge. This, amongst other factors, has resulted in the band's 'old sound' returning, but in a much more appropriate style for a group of fan base who are largely older now.

'Saints of the Blood' opens with a riff akin to some of those from the debut album, but the improvement in technicalities, production and vocals is apparent very soon after. The song flows well and the vocal tracking is much cleaner. There are a couple of screams from Biersack, whose technique has come a long way, and they fit in a lot better with the rest of the song, being placed before and during the bridge, where we hear Pitts and fellow guitarist Jinxx playing the technically difficult riffs we have come to expect from them on top of Christian 'CC' Coma's energetic drums.

The riffs at the start and the bridge of 'The Vengeance' take the spotlight as this is a much simpler song. The verses are fast and energetic, whilst the chorus is centred around the vocals with catchy, memorable lyrics and a few callback gang vocals that give the song that extra 'BVB Army' touch.

Watch the videos for 'Saints of the Blood' and 'The Vengeance', directed by Patrick Fogarty and featuring new bassist Lonny Eagleton, here: