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LOUDER NEWS: Bones-UK Return with Gender Non-Conformist Anthem ‘Boys Will Be Girls’

Punk-inspired genres have a proud history of championing feminist and social-justice causes, with BONES UK being no exception to that rule. Their self-titled debut in 2019 employed a mix of dystopian industrial textures and memorable hooks to valiantly face up to sexism in the music industry as on ‘Girls Can’t Play Guitar’ or ‘Beautiful is Boring’, as well as making clear that their fanbase is a safe space for outsiders and outcasts on ‘Filthy Freaks’.

Their new single ‘Boys Will Be Girls’ continues on that note, confronting gender stereotypes and laughing in the face of narrow ideas of gender and sexuality as something binary and simplistic. Speaking about the song, the Grammy-nominated duo composed of vocalist Rosie Bones and guitarist Carmen Vandenberg said that “It’s about how we and so many others want to be absolutely, unapologetically who we are as individuals, wear and do whatever we want. None of that has anything to do with our sex”.

A visceral riff pervades throughout the anthem, while a beautiful melody floats ethereally atop the chaos in a way that’s surreal yet also hypnotic and intriguing. Cutting through the middle of the piece is a mesmerizing guitar solo that’s reminiscent of classic rock, while excitingly playing firmly into this acts trademark experimentation.

Lyrically, the piece mocks a number of gender stereotypes showing how anyone can appropriate them. “Why do you wanna talk about gender for? Everybody here is on a different floor” runs the bridge, excellently articulating their argument in a way that’s forthright yet also bold.

Likewise, the simple yet effective music video parodies the ‘masculine’ rock n’ roll archetype of leather and motorbikes, breathing new life into the cliché in doing so, and serving as a brilliant accompaniment to the acerbic satire of the song itself!

‘Boys Will Be Girls’ is available now on all streaming platforms