• Courtney Peterson

LOUDER NEWS: Dead Girls Academy Release Music Video for “Inside Out” ft. Jinxx of Black Veil Brides

Las Vegas rockers Dead Girls Academy’s sophomore album 'Doves in Glass Houses' was released at the end of October, with some pretty racy videos alongside it! Their latest release, though, is a more PG-rated music video to accompany the final track of the album, 'Inside Out'. Both the song and the video feature Black Veil Brides guitarist and classically trained musician Jinxx, adding an extra layer to the sombre track with his renowned skills in composing and playing violin. He has provided these moments in some recent Black Veil Brides albums for the more dramatic tracks, and this fits just as well into 'Inside Out' which is just as dark and grandiose. Vocalist Michael Orlando (familiar with Jinxx from their bands touring together when Orlando was in Vampires Everywhere!) praises him for “adding his style and injecting a deep sorrow the song was missing.”

The lyrics are deeply personal to the singer, as they’re centred around feeling trapped with one person such as a new partner in lockdown, as is the case in his life. He explains: “Even though you love that person whole-heartedly you can end up in heated arguments that almost end everything on the spot. It's incredibly sad how stress and anxiety can ruin such a beautiful thing like love.”

Watch the music video for 'Inside Out' below:

Dead Girls Academy's new record, 'Doves In Glass Houses' is also available to stream here:


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