• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Godeater unveil new video for their single 'You Are No Exception'

In this season of wholesome, sleigh-bell-filled merriment being splashed across the radio and tv, those of us who enjoy a little grit in our musical selection can be forgiven for feeling despondent. However, fear not, metalheads - Godeater have you covered! The band have just dropped a video for their new single 'You Are No Exception', which continues the band's mantra of pushing the envelope when it comes to the sonic potential of death metal.

From the off, a raucous wave of sound slams into your face-first, with barely a second to breathe from the opening notes to the thunderous conclusion. Neurotic screams scythe through the pummelling drums, spiralling around you like a ferocious, white-hot whirlwind. It's the kind of track that instantly raises your heart rate, leaving you chomping at the bit to launch yourself into a packed-out crowd.

Speaking about the track, vocalist Josh Graham commented that: "You Are No Exception is about national identity. I think no matter your intentions, choosing to address or subscribe only to certain parts of that identity is dangerous. More and more our country feels like it’s on a knife-edge, and in this first song I wanted to address my own feelings on the matter."

Looking for a track to terrify your parents when you go home for Christmas? Well you've found it!

Check out the video for 'You Are No Exception' here:

Godeater's latest album, 'All Flesh Is Grass', is out now - stream the record here:


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