• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Haggard Cat unveil blistering new track, announce their first DIY EP

If blistering catharsis is what you're looking for as you gaze towards the promised return of live music this summer, then look no further than 'Quit Your Jobs' - the beautifully anarchic new single from unbridled hard rockers Haggard Cat.

Accompanied by a similarly stomach-twisting video - which was captured by a camera strapped to a makeshift wooden crane - the song (and the video's creation, it seems!) are roughly-hewn, but in a delightfully badass way! Flitting through frenetic riffs and a searingly whipping chorus, there is barely a second to pause for breath, as every inch of the melody is crammed full of wonderfully chaotic, fizzing energy. This is one track that will certainly get heads turning, and - when the time comes - mosh pits swirling in a way only Haggard Cat know how!

And, if you like what you're hearing, then rejoice, because the band have also announced that their new EP, titled 'Cheer Up', which will drop on the 3rd of September. Fusing razor-sharp post hardcore with the wild abandon of 80s thrash metal, there will be more than enough noise to put some pep back in your step!

In addition, even for a band who have always been passionately self-driven, this new EP marks a huge step into the unknown, being their first solely independent release, with no input from a record label. In fact, the only (unintentional) input the record gained from a label was in the inception of 'Quit Your Jobs' incendiary ear-worm of a chorus line. As vocalist Matt Reynolds explains: "We wrote the lyrics about an actual series of bad advice that we received from our old record label.

"We were in a meeting with them, and they literally were sat there straight-faced refusing to work on a marketing plan with us, insisting our next move was to “quit your jobs”. They just kept repeating it, it was eerie. Advice that also followed these pearls of wisdom was “fake your death” – I know this sounds made up but it’s 100% true”.

While that ill-fated meeting may have sparked the end of Haggard Cat's association with musical bureaucracy, it has fuelled something even more exciting, which could see their influence launched even further into the hardcore pantheon than they could have imagined.

Check out the video for 'Quit Your Jobs' below:

'Cheer Up', the band's new EP, is due for release on the 3rd of September 2021 - pre-order the record here:

Haggard Cat's rescheduled UK tour, originally in support of their previous record, 'Common Sense Holiday', has been announced for this September - dates are below and any remaining tickets are available here (original tickets remain valid):


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