• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Haggard Cat unveil riotous new single 'Amateur Dramatics'

Since going fully DIY at the beginning of the year, Nottingham-based duo Haggard Cat have treated us to a taster of their frenetically raucous sound which is likely to dominate their upcoming release, 'Cheer Up', which will be out in September. But despite not having the financial backing of a label, the production value in their online content has not faltered in the slightest. The first single from the record, 'Quit Your Jobs', featured a blistering chorus, alongside a stomach-churning music video that quite literally made your brain feel spun out!

Therefore, it is no surprise that the band's latest offering, 'Amateur Dramatics', furthers both of these ideals. The melody is infectiously danceable, with blistering vocals that flicker and roar over the punishing choruses. While the guitar line is a perfect example of radio-ready musicianship, the furiously thrashy chorus is bound to get hearts pumping and circle pits spinning when these tracks get their first live outings in a few months' time! And, yet again, the video will send you for a loop, as it features a spinning room splashed with the band's iconic yellow hue, which signifies this new - and very exciting - era of their careers. Truly mind-bending stuff on all fronts!

Check out 'Amateur Dramatics' for yourself here:

The track is available to stream on Spotify here:

Haggard Cat will be touring their blistering new tracks across the UK this autumn - dates are below and tickets are available here:


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