• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: happydaze unveil their new single 'Bad Taste'

Kicking off a new musical journey in a year when live shows are a no-go and the music industry as a whole has been brought to it's knees is no mean feat - yet, as Edinburgh quartet happydaze have proven, it is possible not only to succeed, despite the pandemic's monumental impact, but also to thrive.

The band's fourth single, 'Bad Taste', is in anything but. On the contrary, it is a slice of bright alt-pop, undercut with a guttural sense of urgency, which pertinently reflects the mood of the nation. Blending trap beats and the slickness of alt pop with effect-laden vocals in the verses, one cannot help but be reminded of the latter musical output from Woes, two former members of which make up half of the happydaze line up. However, there is a fresh vitality too here that suggests that this new musical endeavour has been something of a rebirth for the former pop-punk protégés. Each verse and chorus floats in and out of each other, but with a reinvigorated sense of punch and vitality at its heart. This is largely attributed to the guitars, which are heavier than one might expect, but it gives the track a sense of weight that contrasts well with the controlled vocal lines. And, of course, when all else fails, the chorus is, as expected, an instant head-bopper!

'Bad Taste' is out now - stream the track here:


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