• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Highwind drop a softer, re-imagined version of their track'2023'

Sometimes, your most magical moments as a musician happen completely by surprise. That was certainly the case for New Jersey pop-rockers Highwind, whose new single, a reimagining of their track '2023', seemingly blossomed out of thin air.

Front-man Chris Russo says that: “The best part about this version of ‘2023,’ is that it kind of happened by accident. Originally, the recording session for that day was going to be a live acoustic session. But someone who was going to be a part of the session had to drop out last minute because of personal issues. So, instead of recording a live session, we built a new version of, ‘2023,’ from the ground up. And it was such a great time."

The results are atmospheric and dreamy from the off, as the layers of effects coating the vocal line soften the edges, giving it an echoing resonance. A balladic acoustic guitar and soft shaker replace the full-band vigour of the original, and yet it doesn't lose anything from it - if anything, the paring down of the melody allows the lyrics to really take to the fore, casting a whole new light over this heartfelt track: soft, calm, and sweet, this is the perfect song to lose yourself in to let the madness of the world fade away.

Check out the video for '2023 (Reimagined)' below:

'2023 (Reimagined)' is out now- stream the track here: