• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Holding Absence unveil a documentary about their new record

Melodic hardcore princes Holding Absence have release a new half-hour documentary, charting the recording and production of their upcoming sophomore album, 'The Greatest Mistake of My Life'.

The documentary was produced in collaboration with Moshhh, and follows the band from the very inception of the record's theming, to watching the record come together in the recording studio, piece by piece.

Though the record's initial release was disrupted by the UK lockdown, experiencing the crafting and shaping that went into it ensures that the anticipation for its release is still as vibrant as it ever was!

Check out the documentary below, or on the Moshhh YouTube channel:

And, if you fancy even more of a deep-dive into the inspiration behind 'The Greatest mistake of My Life', then check out our interview with Holding Absence frontman Lucas, where we discuss the importance of family, and why music is so important right now:

’The Greatest Mistake Of My Life’, is out on April the 16th 2021 via SharpTone Records. Preorder the record here:


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