• Charlotte Hardman

Louder News: Jimmy Eat World announce tenth album, 'Surviving', release new single & add UK shows

Jimmy Eat World have recently announced the imminent arrival of their tenth studio release, 'Surviving', which is set for release on October 18th. Accompanying the announcement is the band's latest single, 'All The Way (Stay)', as well as a re-recording of 'Love Never', which was originally released last year as a limited edition vinyl-only single.

'All The Way (Stay)' itself boasts a lilt of Americana-esque guitar, but with a bassline that still carries the tattooed remenants of the band's alt rock and pop punk heritage. The melody is packed out from underneath by a bluesy saxophone, and a delightfully whimsical video for the track detailing the small pleasures of the life of the social maverick- the pure joy that bending society's codes and conventions can bring. This sentiment is echoed in vocalist and keys player Jim Adkins' thoughts on the record as a whole: “'Surviving' explores some of the different kinds of weights my ego tells me I have to carry, what I see people around me choosing to carry and what I have found to be the truth when I choose to let go”.

With tracks as fulfilling and instantly enrapturing as this, Jimmy Eat World's album title feels like a gigantic understatement. Surviving? No- this is a band who are positively thriving!

Check out the video for 'All The Way (Stay)', below:

Surrounding the record's release, Jimmy Eat World have also announced some select release shows, preceding their full US run this winter- dates can be found below:

UK Release Week Shows:

10/17/19 Leadmill Sheffield

10/19/19 Banquet Records Kingston

10/20/19 Metropolis Studios London


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