• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Lapyear release emo-indie banger 'Negative (I Wish I Was)'

Looking for something to soundtrack a summer that feels a little different, a little more resonant and meaningful than those that have gone before it? Then the recent release from emo-indie quartet Lapyear is just the ticket!

Their new track, 'Negative (I Wish I Was)' sports rousing indie vibes, the trilling lead guitar leaving a trail of searing yellow swagger in its wake. The chorus is bigger than the plaintive verses may lead you to be expecting, invoking something of the majesty with which genre stalwarts like The Vaccines dominate the main stages of summer festivals: and, to top it all off, the reverb on the vocals in the final chorus is simply sublime.

Yet the contrasting softness of the lyrics is a welcome binary opposition here too. This track has a side darker than those of many of the modern genre heavyweights, evoking something closer to the likes of The Cure by mixing a heavy dose of mournful introspection with the searing lead guitar and beefy drum lines.

Check out 'Negative (I Wish I Was)' for yourself on Spotify, and save it to your playlists:

'Negative (I Wish I Was)' is the second single from Lapyear's upcoming debut EP, 'Smile', which is due for release on the 15th of May.


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