• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Lastelle drop new single 'Departure'

Despite the opinions of some sceptic parents out there, the beauty of post-hardcore music lies in its ability to blend the ferocious with the meaningful - a talent that Oxfordshire quintet Lastelle possess in spades.

With their latest new release, Lastelle continue their trend of crafting deeply personal tracks. 'Departure', as the name may suggest, deals with losing a loved one, a sentiment that is particularly resonant for many people after the events of last year. Looming and atmospheric, the lead vocal line is as acidic as ever; yet the real heart of this track comes from the soaring accompaniment in the chorus, which compliments the unsullied uncleans beautifully. The instrumentation here is not overt and abrasive - instead, the pummelling drums are nestled deep enough in the mix that, until the bridge they and the guitars take a back seat to the potency of the vocals- it is the words here that give the song its vitality.

Lyrically, the chorus in particular is simply heart-wrenching. Lines such as '“In the end, aren’t we just chasing the time that we’ve spent our life wasting? All I hope is that you’re happy now.” pummel you in the gut with the force of a raging bull.

Speaking about that particular line, Freddie comments that it "is about how the death of someone else can bring an overwhelming sense of your own mortality, and [it] questions whether you’ll feel fulfilled when your life comes to end. There were a few different versions of the end of this song, but what we settled on probably ended up as the heaviest part in any of our songs!”

Heavy, deliberate, and poignant? Sign us up!

Check out the video for 'Departure' below:

'Departure' is the fourth single from Lastelle's upcoming EP 'DELICATE', which is due for release on the 26th of February via Year Of The Rat Records - pre-order a physical copy of the EP here:


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