Loathe have seen some incredibly huge success and praise from fans and critics alike throughout the years of their vicious EP 'Prepare Consume Proceed', conceptual masterpiece 'The Cold Sun' and their incredible split EP 'This Is As One'. The group return with two brand new singles 'Gored' and 'New Faces In The Dark', which if you’re clever enough to have seen the experimental five-piece before, you’ll recognise the first of the singles from its live debut at FuryFest and its deserved spot opening Brixton Academy. The ‘Best New Band’ at Metal Hammer’s Golden Gods and Heavy Music Awards victors are back!

Euphoric melodies bend and weave themselves into unrelentless and punishing riffs throughout, with metallic, futuristic tones that screech behind the deafening power of monstrous vocals. Utilising harmonic talent that all of them seem to ooze, everything comes beautifully mixed and emotional, with a vocal delivery that pulls the hairs on your arms into goosebumps with a frightening assertion. Loathe have well and truly broken out of the underground and are more than capable to take on the heavyweights of the metal scene within the UK. With an album due in 2020, it’s inconceivable how they will progress, but this is by no means a negative perspective. Inspiring and original chaos leaves us all hanging on for the projects exciting potential.

“It feels good to be back, thank you all for being so patient whilst energy was flowing. Please enjoy both Gored and New Faces In The Dark.”

Erik Bickerstaffe

The upcoming December tour dates with Stray From The Path, plus The Devil Wears Prada and Gideon are set to consist of six UK show dates, followed by fifteen dates across mainland Europe. The Bristol show on December 3rd will be a special show, with Knocked Loose (headlining) and Malevolence on the bill.

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