• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Luke Rainsford and Bleak Soul announce new split EP 'Learning to Cope'

Melancholy, introspective tunes are at the heart of the discographies of both emo singer-songwriter Luke Rainsford, and of Bleak Soul, the dark new project of former As It Is guitarist Ben Langford-Biss. So, put the two together, and what do you get? An innately powerful set of tracks guaranteed to resonate with the darkest of hearts!

Sound good to you? Well then, you're in luck, as the two have just announced a new split EP, 'Learning To Cope', which is due for release on the 23rd of April. The record will be available to stream, as well as in physical formats, including three limited-edition vinyl variants, which come alongside exclusive merchandise.

The EP announcement follows the recent release of new singles from both acts - the titles of which had already caused some to speculate about a possible collaboration being on the cards! On the 11th of march, Bleak Soul unveiled the stunning 'Learning to Cope with Nihilism', which you can listen to here:

Following that, on the 19th of March, Luke Rainsford then dropped their new track, 'Learning to Cope with Guilt', which gives you a sense of what their side of the split may sound like:

Excited yet? Then click here to pre-order your copy of 'Learning to Cope' now, before the record drops on the 23rd of April.