• Charlotte Hardman

Louder News: Man With a Mission unveil new track feat. Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump, announce new EP

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Japanese rock sensations Man With a Mission, whilst having a dedicated fanbase in their native country, have remained something on an elusive presence to many across the ocean. However, after touring with Don Broco brought them into the sphere of recognition of a much wider sect of the UK rock world, their popularity has only continued to blossom, culminating in an explosive set at this year's Download Festival. The band’s characteristic blend of hard rock and dance pop (not to mention their… original choice of stageware…) has seen them raise venues across the country to the ground with waves of unencumbered dancing and swinging fists each as equally as welcome as the other! Now, the band have unveiled the next stage in their quest to expand their empire with their latest single, '86 Missed Calls’, taken from their newly announced EP, ‘Dark Crow’, and which features none other than man-of-many-trades, Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump.

The track leans further towards the pop side of Man With a Mission’s sensibilities, yet from the off you cannot help but be drawn in to the alien-esque, off-kilter synths and creeping vocal lines, all of which are set over a gambolling drum beat that makes resisting bouncing along in your seat an utterly impossible task! Slithering verses and rousing choruses, jam-packed gang vocals make this a guaranteed rabble rouser, with all the slightly off-piste, futuristic undertones that one would expect from a band of wolf-headed musicians. One thing is for certain: there may be bands aiming to capture the sound of the party of this century, but Man With a Mission have already found the century to come!

Check out the track for yourself below:

'Dark Crow' is due for release on October 23rd. Check out their 2017 hit single, 'My Hero', a remix of which will be the EP's closing track:

Man With a Mission are closing out their year by playing Good Things Festival in Melbourne, Australia on December 6th- tickets are available here.


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