• Simone Barton

LOUDER NEWS: Meet Me @ The Altar release music video for 'Now Or Never'

Meet Me @ The Altar have been taking the pop punk world by storm over the past year or so, with their latest single 'Now Or Never', from EP 'Model Citizen' being a prime example as to why. The single, and the accompanying music video, ooze nostalgia for the 00s and 2010s eras of alt-rock - think along the likes of Tonight Alive and State Champs (who the trio will be supporting on their 2022 UK tour).

One thing that makes MM@TA so fun to listen to and watch is just that: they're fun. The music video for 'Now Or Never' uses classic pop punk music video stereotypes, especially the performing in a small, "shitty" (their words not ours!) venue and the cheesy - yet endearing - comedic moments.

The stand out moment of the music video is the introduction of Lil Kween, aka Amani, a character who see the band for the first time at the gig, and immediately becomes entranced by the trio - which, honestly, who could blame her? The finale of the video is a clip of the Lil Kween making a YouTube video of her covering the song. Again, this screams nostalgia - who could forget the peak of YouTube cover videos? But, this also displays why MM@TA are vital to the future of alt rock and pop-punk, because their representation is feeling younger women of colour to explore the genre.

'Now Or Never' will simply put a smile on your face, whilst transporting you back to when you first started listening to alt rock and pop punk; however, this time, with more inclusivity, but just as much fun!

Check out the video for 'Now or Never' here:

You can also stream 'Now Or Never' on Spotify here:

Meet Me @ The Altar are supporting State Champs on their 2022 UK/EU tour - dates are below and tickets are available here: