• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: One Million Motors unveil turbulent new single 'Poisoned Lungs'

2020 was a year of uncertainty - the endless ebb and flow of coronavirus restrictions have left many in the music industry uncertain as to where to turn, and angry at how their fellow artists have been left by the wayside. That frustration and anger has been harnessed by alt-punks One Million Motors, who have dialled their ferocious sound up to the max on their new single 'Poisoned Lungs'.

Speaking about the track, the band explain: " ‘Poisoned Lungs’ explores the idea of poisoning yourself through playing music for fame and financial gain. Popularity and making money will never be the reason we play. The only thing that matters is playing our musical truth. If we were to ever falter in this, we’d never fix our poisoned lungs."

Hurtling in at breakneck speed, the track rushes into a feverish guitar line that refuses to drop below fifth gear for the entirety of it's 2-and-a-half minute duration. The vocals are spiny and uncut- there is nothing polished or flashy here, but that is exactly what gives it it's heart. 'Poisoned Lungs' is punchy and has all the droleful delight of classic unchained punk, going harder and faster than the band's previous works, and becoming all the catchier for it. And, with a bridge whose refrain of ''sell out sell out, make it make it" is primed to be accompanied by a chorus of audience gang vocals, this track is exactly what you need to get your heart pumping and your feet moving!

Check out the video for 'Poisoned Lungs' for yourself here:

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