• Sadie Maude

LOUDER NEWS: Pale Waves Release New Single 'Easy'

Pale Waves have just unveiled their latest single 'Easy', the third single to be released from their sophomore album 'Who Am I?', which is set to be released via Dirty Hit on the 12th of February!

'Easy' follows the band’s comeback single 'Change'; frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie describes the new song as: “a song about how love can change your entire perspective on life itself.

“It’s saying that being in love with you is so easy, you finally make sense in my life because nothing did before.”

The music video for 'Easy' was directed by James Slater and features a gothic romantic theme, including a Tim Burton-inspired wedding.

Heather said: “I wore a wedding dress throughout and we shot the video in an old, abandoned church.

“I’m really inspired by the gothic medieval aesthetic and, at the time I was thinking of the video, I was watching a lot of Tim Burton films, whose creativity really inspires me.”

Upcoming album 'Who Am I?' really showcases Heather’s writing and holds the last few years of her life up to the light, reflecting on depression, distraction and feelings of darkness. Alongside this, the album also reflects on her experience of falling in love, being more open about her sexuality, and stepping forward as the sort of front-woman she never saw when she was growing up.

Check out the video for Pale Waves' latest single 'Easy' here:

Pale Waves' sophomore album, 'Who Am I?', is die for release on the 12th of February via Dirty Hit Records- pre-order the album here:


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