• Courtney Peterson

LOUDER NEWS: Paradise City to premiere on Amazon Prime Video

Following the huge success of the movie ‘American Satan’, we delve deeper into the story of its main character Johnny Faust (Andy Biersack) in ‘Paradise City’, a series to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on Friday the 25th of March. Director Ash Avildsen loosely based this series on his own estranged relationship with his father John Avildsen (director of 'The Karate Kid' and 'Rocky'), as Johnny meets a young man, Simon, who idolises him for his place in the band The Relentless.

Ash’s own success as a director was often undermined due to John’s fame, though the two had no relationship at the time, and this is reflected in the heart-wrenching trailer (which has racked up an impressive 11.8 million views). In the course of the trailer, it also transpires that Johnny’s encounter with a young girl on his tour bus resulted in their child being born in his ignorance. There are plenty of references to the Hollywood lifestyle, devil-worship, and strip clubs, too - true to the series’ roots.

Accompanying Biersack amongst Season One’s star-studded cast are the late Cameron Boyce, Bella Thorne, and Ben Bruce, the latter familiar to us from his band Asking Alexandria as well as having starred with Biersack in ‘American Satan’ as part of The Relentless.

Watch the trailer for ‘Paradise City’ Season One here:

You can watch the series, starting from the 25th of March, on Amazon Prime Video.