• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER NEWS: Press To Meco return with new song ‘Another Day’, announce third album

After mysterious posts and cryptic tweets from the band, Press To MECO have finally released a new track, 3 years after the band’s second album, 'Here’s To The Fatigue'.

'Another Day', about the uncertainty of time and everything in life, is the leading single for the band’s third album, 'Transmute'. The song’s topic is an occurring theme throughout the album as it was written during the band’s uncertainty in the middle of the COVID pandemic.

Speaking about this, drummer Lewis Williams stated: “We wrote 'Another Day' at a time when we weren’t even sure if we wanted to continue being a band. It’s about being at your lowest point and having resentment towards a dream, an ideal or a relationship you probably should have given up on a while ago. It talks about the aversion towards doing the positive things you know will help you and the inclination to continually put those things off.

“It questions whether we can make a significant change for the better, in ourselves, in our relationships and as a society. Positive change can sometimes feel like you’re trying to find a way to turn lead into gold.”

The 13-track album continues with the math-rock sound and intrinsic harmonies that the band are known for, but will also deal with tough topics and mature themes of anxiety, chaos, and ultimately the growing camaraderie of the trio.

'Transmute' will be released on the 11th of June 2021 - pre order bundles are available now:

Check out the video for 'Another Day' below: