• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: RXPTRS release new single 'You, Me and the Devil Makes Three'

The British metal core scene has been incendiary over the past few years, with a whole host of brilliantly inspired young bands forging a path into the ears of the rock world at large. The latest to join this prestigious clan are Bristol's RXPTRS, whose fierce, white-hot energy and refusal to stay contained in their lane have already earned them praise from the likes of Kerrang Radio and Alt Press.

Bursting into your eardrums, their new single, 'You, Me and the Devil Makes Three' is as huge and feisty as it gets. The screams are interjected by vocals that are a shade cleaner and drip with swagger, while the thundering of the drums hits you in the stomach at flammable velocity. Yet RXPTRS also manage to walk that divide between unsullied firepower and incomprehensible, pounding noise - and walk it incredibly well!

This may be due, in part, to the emotional core that radiates from the heart of the track. Vocalist Simon Roach explains that ‘You, Me and the Devil Make Three’ is a song written about a group of people in my life, who are talented beyond measure in their fields, but also have their own vices which make them their own worst enemies. The ‘Devil’ in this, is the metaphor for the personality trait that holds these individuals back.”

Check out the video for 'You, Me and the Devil Makes Three' below:


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