• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: The Dangerous Summer release new single 'I'm Alive'

The nights may be drawing in and their eponymous season may be firmly in the rear-view mirror, but Denver-based duo The Dangerous Summer are still basking in the dying summer rays on their new track, 'I'm Alive'. It is the latest in a string of heartfelt singles from their upcoming EP 'All That Is Left of the Blue Sky', which chronicle the highs and lows of love and life, and which never fail to turn the listener pensive and philosophical.

Swathed in beautiful imagery, 'I'm Alive' is a touching love letter to life's simple beauties. It is uplifting but in no way brash; the melody is delicately beautiful and the lyrics contemplative. The crackling guitar solo feels brittle, but that sense of sweetness at the centre never fades - a balance akin to a candle's flickering warmth in the slowly darkening nights.

Check out the video for 'I'm Alive' below:

Stream the single on Spotify here, and pre-order the EP on the band's official website below:


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