• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: The Luka State launch their debut album... into space!

An album launch is usually a chance for a band to share their new music with their fans, and enjoy converting new listeners to their cause too. However, the lockdowns have, for the foreseeable future, put a stop to in-person album launch parties, leaving many young bands struggling to get their new music into new ears.

However, indie quartet The Luka State from Winsford in Cheshire have found a novel way of getting around this particular problem - launch your album... into space!

The band's debut album, 'Fall In, Fall Out', was released on Friday the 29th of January, and to co-incide with the record's release, the band streamed a live video on their Facebook page, showing a copy of the album and LEGO figures representing each of their members, being launched, attached to a weather balloon, into the upper layers of the Earth's atmosphere, before it tumbled back to earth 3 hours later.

Speaking about the record itself, the band are ecstatic at finally being able to release it. In a post on Facebook, they said: "We're SO excited that we've unleashed our debut record to the world. It almost feels like a life’s work has gone into this album but the journey starts here and long may it continue. We loved making this album it was a soul finding, spiritual time for us lads, and every inch of passion was put into this record. But as it’s released this is now yours, it’s your album and we hope you love it as much as we do."

Check out the video of the launch for yourself here, or on The Luka State's Facebook page:

'Fall In, Fall Out' is out now - get your copy of the record here:

The Luka State have also announced a UK/EU tour in support of 'Fall In, Fall Out' for this autumn- dates are below and any remaining tickets are available here:


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