• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: The Mighty Mighty BossTones announce new album and release new single

10-man strong outfit The Mighty Mighty BossTones, by now veterans of the oft-overlooked ska-punk scene, are saying what we are all thinking with the title of their newly announced eleventh studio album - 'When God Was Great'. While the 15-track record, due for release on the 7th of May via Hellcat Records, is destined to be packed full of joyous brass sections and liberating sing-along choruses, the mournful title also hints at the sense of loss which pervades the record.

Frontman Dicky Barrett commented that: “We were lightly writing songs before the insanity without any sort of timeline in mind. All of a sudden, the world changed and benchmark events in a very long career that we were looking forward to, such as playing with the Madness at the Greek Theatre, were taken away from us.

“With all of this time on our hands, we started writing at a quickened pace and we were really inspired. As grim as everything around us was in the outside world, this was the most fun we ever had making a record.”

You can pre-order 'When God Was Great' here:

To celebrate the announcement, the BossTones have also unveiled their latest single, the equally apathetically titled 'I Don't Believe In Anything'.

Following the release of the epic roll-call of punk rock legends that was their previous single, 8-minute long odyssey 'The Final Parade', this new track again ticks all the boxes for a brilliant ska-punk track - all the gritty nihilism of punk rock fuelling the lyrics, but with a joyous melody to carry them merrily along in the air; one which is guaranteed to muscle it's way in between your ears and remain there for days afterwards! The brighter tones drawn into the melody by the shining brass section marry perfectly with the deep, bouncing vocals in the chorus, extolling the virtues of gang vocals - so much so that you can already hear the packed-out basements of fans singing and swaying along, exorcising the demons of the past year in unifying catharsis.

Check out the video for 'I Don't Believe In Anything' below: