• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: The UMA release new single 'Fire'

In a world where pop music is perceived by many as being shallow and without substance, finding a band who try to pump heart into every track they release is a welcome reprieve. And, currently, nobody is doing that better than The UMA.

Their latest track, 'Fire' is the perfect example of this. Full of heady pop charm, the bubbling synths leap and plunge into an effervsecent pop structure. Ready-built as an ideal addition to the soundtrack to your favourite coming of age film, this glistening little gem of a track hosts lyrics that seek to cut through the confusion and deliver a burning message of hope - all set to an infectiously danceable beat!

Stream 'Fire' on Spotify now:

The band's previous single, 'Wake Up' is storming the views on YouTube - check it out here:


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