• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Weatherstate release new single 'Hangar'

Weatherstate's unchained brand of fierce punk rock is the perfect music to rouse you from the stupor of monotones days in lockdown - and their latest single 'Hangar' is no different!

Characteristic of the band is their penchant for probing lyricism, no matter how raucous their choruses may be. For vocalist and guitarist Harry Hoskins, 'Hangar' is a deeply introspective piece of work: “The track is about a phone call to a friend last summer, about how fucked everything is. Growing numb and bitter towards everything and everyone, but also learning to find peace within our own individual coping mechanisms. Understanding that sometimes a crutch is needed to stay sane, whether that be self destructive, or progressive through the helping hand of a friend.”

Despite having to battle time differences in order to record the track with Neil Kennedy at The Ranch, and then master the single over Zoom in order to partner with Four Year Strong’s Alan Day, Weatherstate, who are usually traditionalists when it comes to writing and recording, have proven that anything is doable over the internet these days - including creating delightful punk rock music!

'Hangar' opens with infectious, whirring guitar tones, before plunging into a fist-pumping cacophony of riffs! Roughly-hewn, punk rock vocals nestle in amongst the pounding drums, which then take off skywards, bringing a thread of soaring melody to the raucous instrumentation. Seemingly untamable, the melody bounces and canters in a beautifully anarchic fashion - though, this is not without intention, for it provides the perfect binary opposition to the moment pre-chorus where the vocal line is left alone in silence... before the stomach-flipping drop into the chorus comes thundering back to life! I, for one, cannot wait to be back at a sweaty basement show when that hits you!

Check out 'Hangar' for yourself below:

'Hangar' is available to stream here, along with all of Weatherstate's previous work:


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