• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER NEWS: Y!KES have unleashed their new single, featuring Geoff Rickly from Thursday

Birmingham-based alt-pop band Y!KES have unleashed their second single of the year, 'Just Me'. The track features guest vocals from Geoff Rickly, frontman of the revered 00's post-hardcore outfit Thursday, and is a riot of all things that make alternative music tick!

The track is a huge chugging juggernaut from the off, flitting between genres the second you get a handle on where this track might fall under the great 'alternative' umbrella. Carried along by pop-punk-esque guitars in the verses and melodramatic emo influences in the pre-chorus, the snot-nosed, affected vocals of frontman Oli Long could come straight from Liam Gallagher's famously crass mouth, yet they are partnered perfectly by Geoff's vocals, which bring a welcome sense of gravitas.

As disorientating as 'Just Me' initially feels, upon further listens, there is something buried in the madness here for everyone. This track is unapologetically chaotic - Y!KES have seemingly thrown everything into the mix here, and, perhaps unexpectedly, come out with something that undeniably works.

And, as if that wasn't enough, the accompanying video for the track pays homage to both dystopian cult films, and the band's hometown of Birmingham - which, oddly enough, go very well together!

Check out the video for 'Just Me' below:


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