• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'All Away' - happydaze

Okay, it's nearly the end of May, can we please start summer now? Because Edinburgh-based pop rockers happydaze have already kicked off the season of balmy sunsets in a big way with their recent single 'All Away'!

The track fizzes into life, as the layers of distorted vocals rise and pop like bubbles floating up through deep water. Indeed, that feeling of immersion persists throughout the track, drawing in the listener, as though you're sinking into the melody, as it wraps itself around your ears like a warm blanket of noise. However, this is not a song that easily fades into the background: the percussive drum beats slice their way through the melody like a layer of tart jam in the centre of a delightfully sweet sponge cake, keeping you grounded to the underlying rhythm. Once again, happydaze are masters at juggling a whole box of magic tricks, weaving together flowing melody lines and melding them into one cohesive, dream-like atmosphere - culminating, as ever, in a wonderfully big, swaying chorus.

Can we have some summery weather to go with it now please?

Check out the video for 'All Away' below:

'All Away' is out now - stream the track on Spotify here:


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