• Courtney Peterson

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Aurora' - Annisokay

Annisokay, the long-standing metalcore band from Halle, Germany, have just released their fifth full-length album, 'Aurora'. Guitarist Christoph Wieczorek oversaw production, whilst the album was the first since the band welcomed new vocalist Rudi Schwarzer in 2019.

The sound encompasses everything good about the most prevalent metalcore of the past decade, with aggressive riffs, a nice balance of soaring cleans and fiery screams. Instrumentation is slightly more subdued than it appeared in previous records, in favour of mature, melodic sounds and carefully crafted structure. They have not, however, abandoned experimentation. A standout example is 'The Cocaine's Got Your Tongue', a single from the record with a bouncy edge which makes use of rap-style vocals and bold, grooving riffs, an unmistakable nod towards the modern, hard hitting nu-metalcore sub genre.

The previous singles include 'The Tragedy' which has a poppier sound to compliment the heavier sections, and 'Face The Facts', the following track on the album, which doesn’t sound too dissimilar to the likes of I Prevail and Crown The Empire. Released in 2020, these respectively followed and preceded the other single, 'Bonfire of the Millenials', an indignant protest aimed at previous generations who seem to have betrayed their younger counterparts.

'Aurora' is out now via Arising Empire- stream or purchase the record here:

Watch the music video for 'The Cocaine's Got Your Tongue' here:

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