• Simone Barton

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Cannibal' - Bury Tomorrow

Over their 14-year career, Bury Tomorrow have become a staple within the British metalcore scene, known for their energetic performances and close relationship with their fans. Following the success of their 2018 release ‘Black Flame’, their latest studio album ‘Cannibal’ had a lot to live up to. However, ‘Cannibal’ demolished all expectations for the band, with a well-crafted balance between intense breakdowns and smooth melodies.

'Cannibal' opens with Kristan Dawson’s iconic guitar riffs, which are showcased beautifully throughout the album, playing into the brutal first track 'Choke'. As one of the darker tracks on the album, 'Choke' sets the tone for the bands 6th album, which heavily explores mental health, according to Dani Winter-Bates’ break down of the lyrics. Such a personal topic is only added to in songs such as 'The Grey (VIXI)' and 'Imposter', which highlight Jason Cameron’s breath-taking vocal range and adds another layer of raw emotion.

The pain that can come from a sensitive subject such as mental health, is carried throughout in Dani’s guttural screams. As a frontman he is on top form, expressing how personal 'Cannibal' is to him due to the themes within the lyrics. This contrast between the two vocalists creates a harmony that could be interpreted as being like a person's mental health journey: smooth moments that lead into rough patches. Whilst the styles of vocals are vastly different, 'Gods & Machines' shows how they work in conjunction to create a seamless sound that creates dimension in the track, parallel to the expert instrumentals.

'Cannibal' allows each band member to shine in different tracks. Aside from the heavenly vocals, 'Imposter' has an incredible, hypnotising guitar solo from Kristan, which is one of the stand-out moments of the entire album. 'Dark, Infinite', holds one of the harshest breakdowns in the album, alongside some of Adam Jackson’s best drum work. It acts as a powerful ending to the album, leaving an air of destruction in its wake. Davyd Winter-Bates provides bass to the several shattering break downs in the album, that are just begging to heard live!

'Cannibal' is out now - stream the record here

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