• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Coping Without a Cure' - Lastelle

In a music industry which has never felt more strain and less support from the powers that be, the influence of fledgeling record labels such as Year of the Rat Records is of greater importance than ever before. The label's newest signing, post-hardcore outfit Lastelle, are flourishing in their symbiotic relationship with the label, as evidenced by their mighty new single, 'Coping Without a Cure'.

Following a haunting opening, the full-bodied melody comes crashing in, moaning and melancholy, and with all the grandeur of old-school post-hardcore and emo. The entire track is laced with a delicate softness that feels balanced on a knife edge; even when the song tips over into a passionate chorus, there is a measured undertone which gives the trac the feeling of being forced out, almost unwillingly, into the cold, hard light of the world. The riffs here are absolutely gargantuan, without being impenetrable- the melody remains bridled without losing any of its gut-punching fury. If the indication in the video’s final frames that this is but ‘Chapter 1’ of Lastelle’s journey, then the fate of the following chapters is looking very exciting indeed!

Check out the video for 'Coping Without a Cure' here:


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