• Kris Kielich

LOUDER REVIEWS - 'Death BY Rock and Roll (Acoustic)' - The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless’ bluesy, stomping “Death by Rock And Roll,” has been taking over the mainstream rock charts, and while in quarantine from Covid back in June, the band recorded a full band acoustic version of the song for iheartradio. The result is an even swampier, more soulful rendition, especially on the part of vocalist Taylor Momsen. The subtleties of her voice really reveal themselves in this version, and the instrumentation behind sounds big and thick for an acoustic performance, lending some extra heft. There’s no room for mistakes in a performance like this, and the band shows how tight they are and why they continue on their upward trajectory, even amidst world where rock bands have to find other ways to put out new content in absence of touring.

Check out the video for the acoustic version of “Death by Rock and Roll” below, and stream the track here:


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