• Simone Barton

LOUDER REVIEWS - 'Dxxm II' - Scarlxrd

Trap metal powerhouse Scarlxrd continues to push boundaries with new album ‘Dxxm II’.

Despite releasing 2 albums in 2020 (‘SCARHXURS’ and ‘FANTASY VXID’), Scarlxrd shows no sign of slowing down with the release of ‘Dxxm II’, the sequel to his successful 2018 album ‘DXXM’. The latest release consists of 21 equally dark and brutal tracks, melding together a range of influences that has become part of Scar's innovative, no f*cks given approach to music.

If you’ve listened to a Scarlxrd album before you'll know that it is truly an experience like no other. Album opener ‘Apxcalypse’, starts off this latest journey with live metal guitars, which isn’t used too often in Scar’s music, and raw, guttural vocals. The track starts as the album means to go on, a distorted tale of the angry, edgy persona that is Scarlxrd. Track ‘Kill Xr Be Killed’ follows the opener seamlessly, again featuring live guitars alongside the industrial beats that have become synonymous with the artist. This track perfectly represents who Scarlxrd is, using samples from a Jamaican bashment song highlights the wide scope of the influences that play into his music, beyond just metal and hip hop. It also comments on the artists upbringing as a mixed race youth, from Wolverhampton, which has a large Jamaican culture, and how this has impacted his creative endeavours.

Ngafiyd’ exhibits the high production value of the album, with nu-metal sounding beats being spliced with samples of what seems to be a British news report. All of this combined with one of the most ruthless screams on the album, makes the track one of the backbones, as it encompasses the rage and darkness coming from the alter-ego. Similarly, ‘Evil Egx’ uses news report samples, which adds to the sense of industrial Britishness that veins through most of Scar’s music, and is also a theme that has become a solid part of the artist's imagery.

A stark contrast is found in ‘Nx Chance Xf Survival’, and ‘Utxpia = Mass Genxcide’, both of which add EDM beats into the melting pot of genre. These EDM elements add another dimension to the tracks, and surprisingly an extra layer of heaviness. The use of EDM is a refreshing change of pace in the 21-track album, which is otherwise consistently savage, and builds upon Scar’s previous use of dubstep and 00s garage in previous albums.

Closing the album is ‘Gx Kill Yxurself’, featuring more cold-blooded lyrics that match the aura that Scarlxrd radiates in his performances, and music videos. Whilst this may be one of the most ‘classic’ sounding Scarlxrd tracks on ‘Dxxm II’, it’s the perfect end to the hour-long adventure of EDM, hip hop, metal, bashment and so much more. Producers Brian Spencer and Muppy, have outdone themselves with their high effort production which, alongside Scar’s searing screams and rhythmic rapping vocals, have created something truly boundary-breaking.

‘Dxxm II’ is out now - stream the full album here:


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