• Courtney Peterson


With the Black Lives Matter movement raging on, Fever 333’s material is as important as ever right now. The California three-piece came together on Wednesday for a “live demonstration” in the form of a live-streamed show. They performed, amongst much of their other impassioned material, their new single 'Supremacy', which has been rushed into being released due to its relevance to the movement. 

The show starts slowly. Vocalist Jason Butler is, unsurprisingly, visibly emotional. He admits that he’s “tired”, not just from protesting, but from the long-term systemic racism that has led them there in the first place. He points out that it is people who look like him and black guitarist Stephen Harrison who are feeling the direct effects.

Songs such as 'THE INNOCENT', from their debut album 'Strength in Numb333rs', pick up the pace as fans comment on the stream their locations in the world, “Black Lives Matter” or particularly poignant lyrics for the current movement like “Long live the innocent”, which refers to black people killed by police brutality. Given Butler’s tiredness, and the small space they have to work, their performance isn’t as animated as we’d usually come to see from them. Of course, it’s still more energetic and passionate than most sets we would expect from many other bands, with the singer screaming that the very existence of people of colour and LGBT+ people is 'punk rock'. 

INGLEWOOD/333 provides us with a touching moment in the set. Butler raps and sings beautifully about his experiences as a mixed-race boy growing up around systemic racism which keeps many black Americans in poverty, police brutality, gentrification and even gatekeeping within the black community.

The most important and relevant message that he leaves to the community of music fans, also calling for it to reach large record labels, is to “Stop taking from black culture, and show up for black people.” He ends the show with a fiery scream of the latter part of this sentiment, before the band are silent whilst an overwhelming number of names roll onto the backdrop; the names of black Americans killed by police brutality. It’s a sobering moment, and fans stick around to connect with each other and show their support. 

Watch the full demonstration here:

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